Home Automation in Hamilton & Waikato (C-Bus System)

Home Automation

Fully Automate Your Home with Wiser Home Control

We are ‘approved installers’ of the Wiser Home Control, which is a C-Bus system manufactured by Schneider Electric. As approved NZ C-Bus installers in Hamilton, Schneider Electric provides home owners with a four-year manufacturer’s warranty on C-Bus (Wiser) products installed by our approved electrical technicians.
With Wiser Home Control your ability to manage your surroundings is only limited by imagination. The electrical/electronic systems that can be controlled by Wiser are extensive, from power and lighting to home theatre and ventilation systems. Wiser Home Control enables you to manage and control electrical/electronic systems installed in your home via remote computer or a Smartphone (iPhone or Android).

Home Automation for Smart Living

Enjoy the convenience of having preset ‘scenes’ for the lighting levels, temperature settings and audio levels. For example, select your ‘Welcome Home’ scene to have all the lights turn on from your garage, hallway and through to the kitchen providing a well lit path inside your home. Alternatively, select ‘Goodbye’ scene to have all the lights, audio systems switched off and temperature settings reduced as you leave home, all with the press of one button.

You are able to save energy by automating your lighting and air conditioning to provide service only when actually needed. Sensors throughout your home and time scheduling have enabled Hamilton and Waikato home owners to experience significant energy savings from their home automation system.

Home Automation DiagramTo discover the comfort and convenience of living in a smart home with a Wiser Home Control automation system, why not contact us now to make an appointment for one of our friendly Wiser Home Control Consultants to visit you anywhere in Hamilton or the Waikato region.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I control my new Wiser Home Control (C-Bus) automation system?

By touch screens, remote controls, DLT keypads and/or a range of stylish wall switches. By adding a Bitwise controller you can also control the technology in your home by iPod, iPad, Smartphone, Laptop or PC.


Will the Wiser Home Control (C-Bus) automation system reduce energy and utility costs for me?

Yes. We would programme your home automation system to make full use of timers, dimmers, lights that turn off when you leave the room or as natural light changes. Automated lighting, irrigation systems, heating and the like can be programmed for wise and prudent use which will help reduce energy and utility costs.

Can my alarm system be integrated into a Wiser Home Control (C-Bus) automation system?

Yes. For most security systems the functions which can be immediately integrated with the C-Bus automation system include auto-arming and disarming. However, depending on the compatibility of your alarm system, it may be possible for you to monitor the status of each security zone of your home laid out on the automation touch screen (your iPhone can be used for this purpose if desired).

Is the Wiser Home Control (C-Bus) automation system easy to use?

It should be. We design our home automation systems to make life easier not harder. Larger homes often have numerous and complex systems installed. All these systems can be brought under the control of the home automation system. This is often done via a conveniently located touch screen or a keypad utilising Dynamic Labelling Technology (DLT).

What are the benefits of having a Wiser Home Control (C-Bus) automation system?

•    Panic Scene – Hear a strange noise? Hit the ‘Panic’ button and light up your whole house instantly. All external as well as internal lights will turn on to maximum brightness. If desired, your C-Bus home automation system can be linked to your security alarm system for even greater peace of mind.
•    Vacation Scene – Away from home for some time? Deter would-be burglars by giving your home the ‘lived in look’. Lights can be turned on and off at set times as well as opening curtains during the day and closing them at night again, all according to a pre-set schedule.

•    Goodnight Scene – Forget going around your house and turning off all the lights. Simply press the ‘Goodnight’ button on your remote (or switch next to your bed) and all lights will fade off. Need to get up during the night? Hit another button to turn on lights dimmed to half brightness so as to not disturb the rest of the household; perfect for getting ready for that early morning flight or feeding the baby in the early hours.
•    Helping the elderly or disabled – Repetitive switching can be a difficult task for the elderly or disabled. C-Bus can be set up to simplify these tasks and create preset lighting sequences, controlled automatically from a single button for ‘Morning’, ‘Bathroom’, ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Goodnight’.

•    Welcome Home Scene – You’ll love coming home more than ever. Simply press a ‘Welcome Home’ button when you arrive home and the system will create the perfect environment by turning on selected room lights, air conditioning, and music. You could also have a ‘Goodbye’ button.
•    Pathway Scene – Forget fumbling in the dark for keys or light switches. Choose ‘Pathway’ scene simply by opening your garage door when returning home to create ‘a path of light’ from one area of the house to another.

Cost Savings – Two examples being:
•    We usually set lights to run at 90% full power which helps save power consumption and extends the life of the lamp significantly.
•    By automating the on/off function of particular lights in certain areas, the lights will only stay on as long as the light sensor detects movement in those areas.

•    Cinema Scene – Recreate that cinema experience in your very own lounge room. Get comfortable as you sit down to watch a movie and adjust the lights to the exact level you want. Close the motorised curtains and play a DVD, all via remote control.
•    Dinner Party Scene – Friends over for dinner? Press a ‘Dinner Party’ scene button and welcome your guests with outdoor and entrance lighting, activate water features, soft lighting at the dinner table, air-conditioning and even ambient music.

What kind of things can be automated?

Almost anything! Our home automation systems can control interior and exterior lights, curtains/blinds, home theatre and entertainment systems, air conditioning systems, security alarm systems, the coffee machine, phone systems, outside water features, garden sprinklers, security gates/doors, garden lighting, showers/spa baths, under floor heating, thermostats, pool systems/spa and the like. If you have specific systems not mentioned above that you would like automated, or you would like further information please feel free to contact us for assistance.