Commercial Offices

Keeping Your Office Secure is Our Priority

Your office is the hub of all of your business. To keep things running smoothly, your staff members need secure, easy access and possibly after-hours access. You may also have restricted access areas or want to utilise the management benefits of CCTV.

To properly secure your office and associated car park area, ask about our range of commercial office security solutions. We offer a range of superior quality security systems including alarm systems, access control, CCTV, intercoms and automatic security gates to keep your staff and premises safe and secure.

If you do not know where to start, ask one of our friendly security consultants for advice. Simply tell us your security concerns and we will design a custom-made package of security systems for your needs.


Automating Your Electrical and Security Systems Makes Sense

Office automation makes sense when considering an office building that automatically switches to Home Time at the end of each working day initiating a series of preset protocols ensuring general and feature lighting is switched off/on, access controlled doors are locked and the security alarm is armed. Having building systems running all night when they should have been shut down not only increases running costs but also shortens the operational life of the system.

A Work Time mode could just as easily be automated to help ensure the staff working environment and productivity quickly moves to an optimal level. In short, an automated office building is whatever you want it to be. Ask one of our friendly specialists to discuss how automation technology can be incorporated into your office to improve security and operating costs.


Video Conferencing

Have you ever tried video conferencing for an important meeting with a client, only to be inundated with technical issues? Never again, using the Crestron Flex Video Conferencing system. This simple and easy to use system will make video conferencing your favourite way to conduct meetings. The compact all-in-one design, with just a sound bar next to your displays and a touchscreen on your desk or table, couldn’t be more straightforward. Add one-touch meeting joins and you’ll never want to use anything else.

Crestron Flex comes in several forms to allow for varying applications, but all bring the same consistent user experience regardless of the space in which they are deployed. That means more up-time and less strain on your support resources.


How to Make Your Office Sound and Look Great

Have you ever tried showing a presentation to board members or new clients only to have the PowerPoint fail? Do your users constantly need help from others just to get the technology in meeting rooms working? Or do you have to choose between having too much light on the screen or a room that is too dark?

The solution to this is a great audiovisual system. TVs, projectors and audio speakers can be connected together in a way that is robust and easy to use.  Office and Boardroom automation technology can control all the various audio visual equipment, as well as room lighting levels, temperature and humidity and even motorised window blinds.

Or would you like to link TV screens or a sound system across multiple parts of the building? Not a problem. Ask us about how we can equip your offices with AV distribution systems to create an office environment your staff love to work in.


Want to Lower Costs and Increase Productivity at the Same Time?

Two of the greatest influences on employee productivity are lighting and temperature.

One case study found that when a U.S. post office in Reno, Nevada upgraded their lighting it decreased energy costs by $50,000 per year and also lowered error rates of employees which resulted in increased productivity of $500,000 per year!*

Decreasing costs can be achieved through using modern lighting combined with automation. Automated lighting can be as clever as you want it to be. It could be as simple as turning on and off during office hours. Depending on the building it could dim during day when daylight is strongest and increase around sunset. Improved lighting can increase productivity and decrease power bills.

You can also automate office temperature.  Air conditioning systems can be connected to timers or your building access system, and multiple sensors. Want the air conditioning to turn on when you swipe your access card? It’s all possible. Ask one of our friendly automation consultants about the best automation solution for your office.