Once you’ve imprinted your innovative design on the architectural character of your client’s build, we can work with you to plan the automation, security, audio visual and electrical aspects of each project.

We have a passion for excellence and love to make use of the latest technology to complement your creative interior designs and add value to your client’s project.


You Design It, We’ll Secure It

To ensure the security of your client’s new premises we can recommend and provide a complete security solution. This includes alarm systems, access control, CCTV, intercoms, automatic security gates and doors, and security lighting.

You know your client best, so you will have a good idea of what security features would best suit their needs. We’re happy to provide advice and show the options available. We can work with you to give your client a custom-made security solution.


Bring Extra Wow Factor with Audio Visual Systems

Audio Visual systems are so much more than a large TV. We would love to discuss the audio visual features your clients are looking for as early as possible in the planning process.  We can provide a range of options that could suit your client, and by working with you in the design phase, all the background details can be taken care of to give an exceptional end result.

Popular options for clients include home theatre, multimedia and multi room audio. Our structured cabling solutions should be considered for every project. If you’re working on a specialty project like a retirement village or community centre, you will likely need to consider AV distribution, hearing aid loops and MATV systems.


Add More Value and Convenience with Automation

As you plan the architectural design, consider integrating the various systems going in the build using automation technology. So what exactly does an automated home or office look like? Quite simply, all the installed systems in a residence or office can be pre-programmed to switch on/off or adjusted at times and in an integrated way to suit the owner’s requirements via a schedule and/or strategically placed sensors.  Owners are also able to effortlessly control and manage the installed systems from the convenience of their mobile Smart devices (iPhone, iPad, etc).

A home could be automated so that when the owner selects Welcome Home mode on their iPhone as they near home, the system automatically switches on music, heating and lighting mere minutes before residents arrive home.

Or, it could be an office that automatically switches to Home Time mode at the end of the working day initiating a series of preset protocols ensuring general and feature lighting is switched off/on, heating and ventilation systems are shut down, access controlled doors are locked and the security alarm is armed. A Work Time mode can easily be automated too.

In short, an automated home or business premise is whatever your client wants it to be. Ask one of our friendly specialists how automation technology can be incorporated into your building design.