Access Control & Electronic Locks

Secure User Access Control

Arc provide high-security access control solutions to meet the performance requirements of both home and business owners across Hamilton and the greater Waikato area.

Access control systems are specifically designed to permit the free flow of authorized personnel into any site or area within a site whilst denying entry to unauthorized personnel (staff and visitors). It allows effective management of who goes where and when. Arc take great care designing each new system to clearly understand the client’s needs and so ensure the access control solution meets our client’s expectations.

Our access control solutions for residential and commercial premises usually include the following components: proximity keyfobs/cards and readers, PIN code keypads, hand-held remotes, a variety of electronic door locks and automatic door closers, door reed switches, Request to Exit switches, the electronic control equipment and the management software.

For our enhanced security solutions, we integrate specialised CCTV systems.

Our experienced and qualified technicians have been specifically trained to install, commission and maintain the access control systems we promote. For more information about the systems and equipment we prefer to install, please refer to the sections below.

For expert advice on all your Access Control needs, why not call us now now to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a new Access Control solution customised to suit your home or business.


Registered IQP (Independently Qualified Person)

We have an IQP on the team at Arc in the area of access control, so can provide services where an IQP is required.
• IQP for ss3/2 – Access Controlled Doors

TECOM Challenger10

The Tecom Challenger10 security alarm and access control system is installed in a great number of large-scale government, office, commercial and industrial buildings throughout NZ and is a trusted industry standard in NZ and Australia.

Inception Web-based Access Control System

Inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system with a design edge that sets it apart. The web-based software is built directly into the main system controller, making the system easy to access using a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Paradox Digiplex EVOHD

The Paradox Digiplex EVOHD security alarm and access control system is a cost-effective solution for smaller-scale office, commercial and industrial buildings as well as luxury residential homes.

Proximity Readers/Keyfobs/Swipe Cards

Proximity readers are the most commonly used method of controlling access to and from buildings and areas within buildings. Proximity keyfobs/ swipe cards are normally uniquely programmed for each authorised user.

Electric Locking Systems

An integral part of most access control solutions are the electric locks used to secure and manage the gate and/or door access points.