Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Installing structured cabling allows for a planned and organised method of distribution and sharing of the services throughout your home or business premises. These services/systems typically include telephones, data, internet access, TV RF signals and satellite or cable TV.structured-cabling The cables that form your structured cabling system are run from the relevant rooms to a central location which is commonly known as the Network Hub.

Structured cabling creates phone and data networks to link phones and computers around your premises. Not only can you surf the web at the same time from different computers, you can share files and send documents to a common printer. A correctly designed system will allow flexibility as to what any outlet in any room may be used for. It also allows other services, which may be required at a later stage, to be added and for the system to be altered or modified without major disturbance or re-wiring.

Additional services that can be part of a structured cabling network system may include security alarm, CCTV, access controlmulti room audio, home theatrelighting control and much more. Technology is the only limit to what can be part of your structured cabling network.

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