Property Managers


Property Managers Trust Us for Good Reason

When it comes to managing a property, security is everything. We want to help your tenants feel safe. Because of this, we only offer security alarm systems that have proved to be reliable and robust.

To keep your tenants, property and money safe, consider our range of security options. We have a good range of automatic security gates, motorised security doors, intercoms, access control, CCTV and security alarm systems, perfect for any property or site you own or manage.

Ask one of our friendly security consultants about what security options we recommend for property managers or owners of investment property.


Enhance Your Property with an Audio Visual System

Audio Visual systems provide life and energy to residential properties. Keep your properties pumping with our extensive range of audiovisual systems – from home theatres to multi-room audio distribution. The sky’s the limit – just ask our experts what’s on offer.

Home theatres add a new dimension of luxury and comfort to high end properties. Home theatres assure tenants that they will never need to be bored with high-class entertainment at the tip of their fingers.

You may also want to consider investing in a multi-room audio system. These systems allow background music to be played throughout a property. You can find the perfect tune for any property, whether it is an upbeat jingle for an industrial unit or a soothing melody for a villa.

Ask one of our friendly AV consultants about the right AV system to enhance the residential properties under your management.