Security Alarm Systems for Home & Business


Sound Advice for a Quality Alarm System

One of our key goals is to genuinely help our clients understand the security risks they are wanting to minimise and show them the range of security and burglar alarm system options available as they prepare to invest in a new security alarm system.  This helps ensure our clients are fully informed and in the best position to make the right security investment decision.  Using our extensive knowledge of commercial and home security, we always endeavor to help our clients afford the highest level of protection. 

For residential and small commercial premises, we prefer to install the Paradox Spectra range of security alarm systems. Paradox has a long history of producing high-quality security products, with an excellent reputation in the NZ Security Industry. The exciting and modern design is guaranteed to suit any home or business. Paradox security equipment is made in Canada and is exceedingly well supported by the manufacturer. The Paradox equipment we have installed in Hamilton and Waikato homes and businesses has greatly benefited our valued clients because of its superior quality and reliability. 

For offices, commercial and industrial premises requiring a security alarm and an Access Control System please refer to our Access Control page. 

Please note that we also provide a range of good-quality CCTV systems to enhance your security system.


The Advantages of Having Us Install Your New Security Alarm System

We would love you to enjoy the many benefits we offer our clients.

For residential clients, we give a two-year warranty on the security equipment supplied and installed by us. For business clients we provide a one-year warranty on the security equipment supplied and installed by us.

  • We are able to advise you the connection options available for self-monitoring or our 24 hour alarm monitoring
  • We are able to update you on the latest security alarm technology available for your situation.
  • Our fully-trained and experienced security technicians are qualified to install security alarm systems in residential and commercial premises.
  • Our courteous staff will ensure you are satisfied with the work they have done.
  • Our technicians all have a current Private Security Personnel Badge and Certificate of Approval, which is issued by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (Ministry of Justice) in conjunction with the NZ Police.
  • We maintain a plentiful stock of replacement parts to ensure any repairs can be completed without delay.
  • We provide a 24 hour emergency call out service so that in the unlikely event that your security alarm system malfunctions, one of our qualified security technicians will be able to attend and restore your system.
  • The full use of our extensive Audio Visual, Automation and Electrical services. 

It would be a privilege to install a new Paradox security alarm system in your home or business premises. 

For expert advice on all your security alarm needs, why not call us now to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a new Paradox Security Alarm solution customised to suit your home or business.


Security Alarm Packages

We can also help you design your own custom package, or you can choose from one of our packages listed below.

These packages include the security equipment, the necessary cabling, a power isolation switch, and window warning stickers. The prices of these packages are based on the premises being located in Hamilton, generally having a floor area no larger than 150 m2 and site conditions (notably accessible roof space).


Standard Package (no wireless) 

  • 1 x Spectra SP5500 Control Panel with 7Ah backup battery
  • 1 x K10 LED Keypad
  • 2 x Digigard 65 movement detectors (PIR’s) – additional PIR’s can be added
  • 1 x PS219 Flush ring indoor siren (120dB)
  • 1 x SS973 polycarbonate medium-sized external siren with strobe light
  • The necessary power and security cabling 


Add-on Wireless Options

  • Wireless movement detectors
  • RX1 Wireless Receiver
  • RTX3 wireless transceiver
  • REM1 Remotes
  • Connection to motorised garage door/s 


How to Maintain Your Security Alarm

Every Alarm System Requires Regular Maintenance for On-going Protection 

Our company not only installs Paradox security alarm systems throughout the Hamilton and Waikato region, but we also maintain and repair them. If you have a security alarm system installed in your home or business premises, you would naturally be concerned if it was not providing the protection you were expecting from it. It is therefore vital that your security alarm system is regularly serviced. Our qualified security technicians normally carry out security system servicing annually. Regular servicing helps our customers have confidence in their security alarm systems, giving them peace of mind. Along with Paradox, we also service a wide range of security alarm brands including Tecom, DSC, Crow, Elite, Bosch, Micron, DAS and other lesser known brands.

To ensure your security alarm system is functioning properly, why not call us now to make an appointment for one of our qualified and helpful electronic security technicians to service your alarm system.