ISEO Door Locks

Digital door locks are becoming more and more popular with our clients for their homes and businesses as they provide a secure locking solution that does away with the traditional metal keys that are easily copied and frequently lost. ISEO is a leading group in the design and manufacture of locking systems and access control solutions. The parent company, ISEO Serrature, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in business in 2019, is now led by the third generation of the founding family.

Continuity, a creative flair and specialisation are the hallmarks which make ISEO a symbol of “Made in Italy”. ISEO is a major player on the international scene, with over 1,300 employees. The main production site is in Italy, while other production and commercial companies are located almost worldwide.

It operates in two production areas: mechanical closing systems, which are the basis of our know-how, and ISEO Zero1, the innovative range of electronic products and systems for access control management, the answer to the digital evolution at the start of this millenium. Our products cover all areas of market demand, from residential buildings to large commercial and financial sites, hospitality and transport facilities, and critical infrastructures.

ARGO APP – Management system

The Argo management system is the ideal solution for managing residential or “light commercial” environments, like bed & breakfasts, shops, small offices, small businesses, and professional studios.

By simply installing the Argo app on an iOS or Android smartphone, the user will have the possibility of managing, monitoring and opening all the doors upon which the Smart series ISEO Zero1 devices are installed (even at a distance of up to 10 metres), with no need for any additional software or an Internet connection: all this thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology, which allows the smartphone to communicate with the devices. Using the app installed on the smartphone, the user can organise the access permissions for up to 300 users, and view the last 1000 events detected on each door (entries, attempts at unauthorised entry, etc.).

In addition to smartphones, the doors can also be opened using Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4, ISEO cards and pre-existing RFID cards (contactless credit cards, public transport tickets, access control cards, etc.), PIN codes and fingerprint readers (available for the electromechanical lock for armoured doors x1R Smart).

LIBRA SMART – Electronic cylinder

The Libra Smart electronic cylinder is one of the products of the ISEO Zero1 product range that can be controlled using Argo, a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android that allows for door access permissions to be added, deleted and modified. It can be opened with smartphone, Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4, ISEO cards and pre-existing RFID cards (contactless credit cards, public transport tickets, access control cards, etc.).

The Libra Smart unit is battery operated, and can be easily installed on both new and existing doors: it can be used with any type of mechanical lock compatible with European profile cylinders, and does not require any wiring, thus allowing for a mechanical cylinder to be easily replaced by an electronic cylinder.

The Libra Smart unit is also available in a Heavy Duty version, which is suitable for use under any environmental conditions, and comes complete with a drill-proof anti-burglary protection element on the cylinder body itself. This product has obtained the highest levels of international security certification.

The Libra Smart electronic cylinder was selected for the 2013 ADI Design Index, and was given Honourable Mention at the 23rd edition of the Compasso d’Oro awards. It was also among the finalists at the IFSEC’s 2014 Security & Fire Excellence Awards, and was nominated for the 2015 German Design Awards.

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