24 Hour Security Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Security Alarm Monitoring Gives You Peace of Mind

If you are going to protect your home or business premises by having a security alarm installed, or already have one installed, it makes sense to have it monitored 24/7. Many insurance companies now insist that their business customers have their premises monitored 24/7 by an independent alarm monitoring company.

In the event your security alarm does activate or a fault condition occurs, our 24/7 security alarm monitoring station staff will promptly phone you, or your nominated representative, so you can take action to ensure the safety and integrity of your home or business premises.

24/7 alarm monitoring allows you to keep in touch with what is happening at your home or business when you are not there.

Our minimum contract period for 24/7 alarm monitoring is twelve (12) months. It would be our privilege to set this up for you. We normally do this free of charge as part of the 12-month minimum monitoring service agreement. However, with the move away from landline monitoring connections, we may need to charge you to install new equipment to allow your system to be monitored via the Internet or the mobile phone network.

24/7 Guard Visiting Service

We work closely with Allied Security who is a well-respected nationwide security guard service provider.  We recommend that our monitoring clients use Allied Security’s security guard visiting services so that security inspections can be made when clients are unable to attend their premises at the time their alarm is activated. 

Contact Us for 24 Hour Security Alarm Monitoring

If you would like us to monitor your security alarm system then simply call us now and we can arrange for one of our friendly Security Technicians to make the connection.