Fusion Signage Platform

Manage your digital signage content in a matter of minutes.

Fusion Signage is an Australian-built content management system (CMS) for digital signage, allowing complete control over your digital signage content from anywhere, anytime. Built for simplicity, there’s no need for extensive training programs; the Fusion Signage interface can be picked up intuitively and instantly. Plus, it’s packed full of the features you need to have the freedom to plan your content ahead of time – and have it looking amazing.

Within minutes you can:

  • Upload your content
  • Create playlists
  • Publish content to your screens


The importance of choosing the right Content Management System.

Choosing the right content management system can make or break your digital signage experience. Too many times customers are sold an expensive, overpowered system that requires a degree to operate.


The right CMS should:

  • Make managing your digital signage content easy and efficient; allowing you to spend more time on your business.
  • Give you the confidence that you’re paying for a cost-effective yet powerful solution; the features you need, yet without the clutter of advanced options that you will never use.
  • Not need hours of training to understand the interface; it will be a stress-free experience that you and your staff can easily handle.
  • Be backed by reputable resellers who will be there to support your experience.


Why choose Fusion Signage?

Fusion Signage is making digital signage simple; it’s the content management system for those who want something that is easy to use, affordable and has the flexibility to suit you and your business.


Flexible Deployment

Built into Philips Android screens, as well as any Android, Windows and Linux player.

Simple & Efficient

Designed so you can spend less time managing your digital signage, and more time on your business.

Cloud-based Storage

Update your screens from anywhere, anytime, with cloud-based storage.

Grouping & Scheduling

Manage multiple screens as well as schedule and daypart your content easily.

User Management

Manage user access & permissions from your top-level view.

Works Offline

If your internet drops out, your scheduled playlist will continue to run without a problem.

Website Integration

Have your website running directly through your digital signage.

Custom Overlays

Opt to have a widget or special notification overlayed onto your playlist.

Custom Functionality

Built to be flexible, Fusion Signage allows for customisation where required.

You’ll be up and running in three simple steps:

  1. Add screens
  2. Upload content
  3. Schedule playlist

Get in touch for a FREE TRIAL licence or to learn more on how Fusion Signage makes managing your digital signage so easy.