Securing a Supermarket is No Small Task

Keeping an entire supermarket secure is not an easy task. Some supermarkets require nearly 100 CCTV cameras! Don’t stress about your supermarket’s security – leave that to us. With over 23 years experience in security and work for large supermarket brands, we are more than capable of keeping your supermarket secure.

At a basic level, supermarkets need comprehensive security systems including security alarm and CCTV surveillance and recording systems. If something goes wrong with one of your security systems there is no need to panic. Our qualified security technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For suppliers and staff to conveniently access the supermarket premises as and when required, while at the same time keeping certain building areas secure, we recommend an integrated security package to control and track access. This includes access control, security alarm, CCTV, intercoms, automatic gates and/or motorised security doors. Ask one of our friendly security consultants about what access control system is right for your supermarket.


Be Heard with a 100 Volt Line

Your customers don’t want to miss a thing – whether it’s soothing music or an important announcement. This is why a 100V Line public address systems are a supermarket industry standard. These provide background music over a special speaker system that helps music travel over longer distances than normal audio systems.

These distributed speaker systems allow any speakers volume to be easily adjusted, no matter what the main volume is. This way the music in the aisles doesn’t need to be as loud as it is in the chilled section or the bathrooms. You have total control. Ask one of our audiovisual consultants to help design and implement a new audio system for your supermarket.