HiFi Stereo Systems

ARC as a company loves good quality sound. That’s why we bring to you (the customer) some of the top Hi-Fi stereo and audio equipment available. We can custom design the audio system to suit the layout of your home, style of music you listen to or the movies you watch, providing you with one entertainment system for most of your needs.  Some of the brands we supply and install are as listed:

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myryad_logoCambridge Audioproac logo

For all your home audio needs please contact us to speak with AV technicians about different options of Hi-Fi systems.

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Find out how Castle audio systems deliver pitch perfect audio, so you can hear music as it’s meant to be…..

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio is about making your music sound amazing….


The ProAc range is, as they say, reassuringly expensive. They do not make cheap loudspeakers and certainly do not produce cheap sounds. Happily, many thousands of audiophiles worldwide agree with our philosophy…


All Episode products are conceived, designed and manufactured with one thing in mind: sounding great in your home!…

Q Install

“Q-Install’ is a new and exciting range of installation loudspeakers, featuring the very latest styling and technology and designed to meet the most demanding requirements of custom installers and their clients…


The design of a good-sounding amplifier, or any hi-fi product, requires careful attention to many details. If just one key feature is overlooked it could turn a great product into a mediocre one…

What’s New?


Cambridge Audio’s Minx Air range, that’s what’s new!

Click on the link to find out prices’ and more about the Minx Air range.
Minx Air is a revolutionary wireless system that plays all your music wherever it is – smartphone, tablet or on your computer.

Minx Air combines Cambridge Audio’s expertise in hi-fi design with the latest wireless streaming technology. That means your smartphone can stay in your pocket, or you can keep using your tablet while your favourite songs fill the room.

So whatever device you’re using, you can enjoy your music wirelessly in amazing quality.


At a glance

· Quick and easy to set up

· Stream music from your Apple, Android or Bluetooth devices

· Listen to your favourite Internet radio stations

· Incredible, room-filling sound

· Sleek design built to last



“This unassuming white box packs in some great tech, and it sounds just lovely too. A MacFormat favourite.” – UK, Spring 2013

“A versatile and accomplished all-round wireless wonder” – UK, Spring 2013