Episode Custom Install Speaker

Episode was founded on a few basic principles:
1. Never Cut Corners on Product Performance:
There are millions of ways that big companies save pennies per unit. Just one reason that we’re happy to be small.
2. Ensure Our Products Perform in the Real World:
We only sell through authorized custom audio video professionals because we want our products selected, installed and calibrated for peak performance in your system. It’s the best way we know to ensure that Episode products will reach their performance potential in your home.
3. Build Products That We Can Stand Behind:
Episode products are built to last. That’s what makes it possible to offer industry-leading warranties.

A little more about what makes Episode different:

Some History

Speaker technology has not changed very much in our lifetime. A design that produced good sound 40 years ago still produces good sound today. Quality materials, quality craftsmanship and a trained ear have always been the ingredients of a great speaker design.

Changes in Our Industry

What has changed a lot is how we use the technology. Installing speakers in a wall or ceiling produces unique performance challenges. So do digital audio sources, seven-channel home theater and whole-house audio systems.

A New Approach

When Jay Faison established Episode speakers after 10 years in the custom installation business, he envisioned a company that brought together high-performance speaker technology with real-world experience. The result is a line of products that are designed from the outset to perform in your home, not a speaker laboratory.

Full Website: www.episodespeakers.com