Churches / Auditoriums

Community Centres Should be Seen and Heard

From PA systems to projectors, TVs, general and feature lighting and more, it is important to think about AV distribution when designing your auditorium or community centre. Ask one of our friendly AV consultants about how we can make sure your message gets clearly seen and heard by installing the right audio and video equipment.

High quality speakers are a necessity for being heard. Hi-Fi systems deliver sound with realism, detail and accuracy unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. And to ensure those with hearing disabilities are offered an equal opportunity, you should install hearing aid loops.

Since 2004 it has been a legal requirement for public buildings to install hearing aid loop systems.  The Building Act 2004 requires that new or extensively renovated public buildings be accessible for hearing impaired people by having an assistive listening system installed. This includes:

  • Public buildings with space for at least 250 people
  • All theatres, cinemas, public halls
  • Assembly spaces in retirement villages or rest homes occupied by more than 20 people

Ask one of our friendly AV consultants about which AV and/or hearing aid loop system is right for your premises.


Keep Your Building Under Control with Our Security Options

As a manager of a large auditorium, community centre or church, you have probably needed to give all sorts of people a copy of the key. From tradesmen to staff to volunteers, it is difficult to keep track of all the people with copies of your key.

Simplify this with an electronic access control system. If someone loses their unique electronic access card or keyfob you can simply cancel it in the system and issue a new one. In this way you can be sure only the right people are let into your premises. You can also keep track of who accessed what door at what time and day.

For a community centre, you will definitely want to cover your bases with a complete security solution including security alarms, CCTV, and security lighting to ensure safety for people on the property and protection of your feature lighting, sound and musical equipment.

Ask one of our friendly security consultants about what security solution we recommend for Churches and Auditoriums.