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C-Bus Automation Specialists

We are approved installers of the C-Bus Automation system, manufactured by Schneider Electric. As approved NZ C-Bus Automation installers, Schneider Electric provides property owners with a four-year manufacturer’s warranty on the C-Bus Automation products installed by our trained electrical technicians.

With the C-Bus Automation system your ability to manage your surroundings is limited only by your imagination. The electrical or electronic devices that can be controlled by C-Bus are extensive, from power and lighting to home theatre and ventilation systems. C-Bus can be accessed and controlled via remote computer or your mobile phone by installing Wiser Home Control (a C-Bus product), making life easier and more convenient for busy professionals.


Business Automation – Key To Future Productivity

Many Hamilton businesses are already enjoying the benefits of a C-Bus Automation system in their conference room, showroom and visitor areas. With the push of a single button you can control lighting levels, temperature and audio visual systems, activating pre-programmed settings to suit any occasion.

By automating your lighting, heating and ventilating systems you are also able to reduce energy use. Sensors throughout your business premises integrated with time scheduling can help enable you significantly cut energy costs. This means business automation essentially pays for itself many times over.

C-Bus Automation systems are also able to control and manage other systems normally installed in and around offices and commercial premises.

Why not automate your conference room, showroom and visitor areas with lighting control, temperature control, and audio visual systems. For all your Business Automation needs, why not contact us now to arrange a meeting with one of our friendly C-Bus Automation Consultants.

We invite you to view the C-Bus brochures below. These brochures show the C-Bus control and management products in a residential setting, however, they are designed for both the home and business environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I automate my business premises?

By installing a C-Bus automation system in offices and/or commercial premises, business owners can efficiently and effectively control and manage all the separate systems installed, such as interior and exterior lighting, heating/cooling and ventilation, security and access control, gates and doors, specialist equipment/appliances, boardroom AV equipment, curtains/blinds and the like. If you have specific systems not mentioned above that you would like automated, or you would like further information, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Can the C-Bus automation system be controlled by a remote?

Yes, the C-Bus Control and Management system can be controlled by a hand-held infrared remote.

Will the C-Bus automation system reduce energy and utility costs for me?

Yes. We would programme your C-Bus automation system to make full use of timers, dimmers, lights that turn off when you leave the room or as natural light changes, e.g. automated lighting, heating/cooling and ventilation and the like can be programmed for wise optimum use which will help reduce energy and utility costs.

Can a security alarm system be integrated into the C-Bus automation system?

Yes. For most security systems the functions which can be immediately integrated with the C-Bus automation system include auto-arming and disarming. However, depending on the compatibility of your alarm system, it may be possible for you to monitor the status of each security zone of your business premises on a conveniently located touch screen (or even your iPhone).

Is the C-Bus automation system easy to use?

It should be. We design our automation systems to make life easier not harder. Larger business premises often have numerous and complex systems installed. All these systems can be brought under the control of the automation system. This is often done via a touch screen or a keypad using Dynamic Labelling Technology.