Helpful Tips for a Streamlined Audio Visual Room

By centralising all your multimedia source and distribution equipment in a room separate from your entertainment room (e.g. Radio Tuners, CD Stackers, MP3, DVD player, Blu-ray player, Sky TV decoders, Media Centre Computers, Home Theatre amplifiers and Multi-room Audio controller) in a separate room, it leaves your entertainment room uncluttered.

Multimedia control and distribution systems (structured cabling) allow video and audio to be enjoyed in multiple rooms using convenient and easy-to-use remote controls and either wall mounted keypads or touch screens.

Locking your multimedia room with a Digital Door Lock (see our ISEO range) provides additional security for your precious AV equipment


Popular applications:

  • Schools: Multimedia products have many applications in schools for the delivery of time table information, educational content and even video and music at break times.
  • Retail: There is huge potential for the use of digital signage as a means of delivering high impact advertising to customers in the store. Multimedia extenders are a low cost, plug and play solution for small to medium sized applications. They are also ideal for providing the last hop connectivity between play out equipment and displays in larger IP based solutions.
  • Interactive displays: Often the computers driving the interactive displays (e.g. touch screens) found in some waiting rooms, reception areas, town halls and shopping centres can not be placed near to the display for security and maintenance reasons. A Multimedia extender allows the computer to be placed in secure location at a convenient distance from the display.
  • Industrial Monitoring: A computer collecting industrial data or monitoring industrial processes may be located in an area uncomfortable or hazardous to people. Multimedia extenders can be used to view these devices from a safe and comfortable distance.
  • Corporate: The live broadcast of news and events in reception areas, canteens and lobbies in corporate buildings is becoming increasingly popular


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