Engineering and Manufacturing

Stay in Control with Integrated Security Systems

How much disruption would a break in at your manufacturing plant cause?  Or what about a member of the public walking or driving into a hazardous area they should never be in?

It’s important to have extensive security systems in place, to protect your company against criminals, as well as nosey, naive or accidental intruders.

We offer a full range of security solutions including alarm systems, access control, CCTV, automatic security gates and intercoms to ensure only authorised personnel can access your plant.  PA systems can also be employed to broadcast warning messages throughout the factory premises.


Red Gate

Site Traffic Management

To increase efficiency and decrease on-site incidents, consider a site traffic management plan. With the increased attention to Health and Safety, these plans are now essential for larger engineering and manufacturing plants. However, they are also fast becoming the norm for smaller plants.

An effective site traffic management plan works hand-in-hand with your security systems such that an integrated solution provides security for staff and the business as well as a healthy and safe working environment.

One of our friendly security consultants would be happy to evaluate your site and then discuss with you how a site traffic management plan can be implemented at your site.