Automatic Security Gates in Hamilton

If you want to restrict access to your property, automatic gates can improve security while at the same time adding visual appeal.

There are options that suit homes or businesses in Hamilton and throughout the Waikato.

Automatic Gates for Home or Business

Security is a significant factor in choosing an automatic gate for your property. You want to limit who is able to enter your property, and protect it from undesirable visitors. For some people it’s also about keeping pets and children safely inside their boundaries and off the street.

Our automatic and custom made gates are ideal gates for safety and security.

The materials you choose for your gate are important. Automatic gates can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, steel, and wrought iron. When choosing an automatic gate, it is important to consider the material that will be best suited to your needs and applications For example, aluminum gates are a good choice for residential applications, as they are lightweight and easy to operate. Steel gates are more suitable for commercial and industrial applications, as they are more durable and secure.

Make sure that you also consider the aesthetic you need, to complement or enhance the existing structures.


Most Popular Types of Automatic Gate

Automatic Swing Gates

Thanks to their more straightforward construction, swing gates generally cost less than sliding gates, though this largely depends on the size, style, and material of the gate in question.

Madison Swing Gate
A swing gate adds beauty and security to your home.

Automatic Sliding Gates

A sliding gate opens by sliding along the property fence line. A residential sliding gate is usually a single gate which, when open, may be hidden behind the fence or wall.

Sliding gate in Huntington
A sliding gate is a great option if you have a long fence line.

Automatic Barrier Gates

We install the DiTEC brand gate automation equipment by choice.  DiTEC gate automation equipment is designed and manufactured in Italy and has proved to our clients to be a cost-effective and reliable gate automation solution. From our experience, DiTEC’s worldwide dealer support network means they always have the stock we need on hand ready for us to install at our client’s premises.

For both home owners and business premises, automatic barrier gates provide security, safety and convenience.

Commercial Sliding Gates

Automatic barrier gates and sliding gates are installed to control the movement of vehicles into or out of restricted areas. We would work with you to make the implementation of traffic barriers and associated control systems practical and to enhance the Health and Safety management of your premises. If you are looking for experts in automatic barrier gates, barrier arms, boom gates or sliding gates, we’ve got the best product line up and the installation team to provide the best solution for you.

access control automatic security gates

Control Systems for Automatic Gates

We are able to provide clients with numerous options for controlling their automatic gates including: hand-held wireless remotes, keypads, intercoms, Smartphones, time clocks, access control and automatic vehicle detectors.

Being a licensed NZ Security Company in Hamilton, we have an intimate knowledge and appreciation of commercial security matters, which our clients like and value. Our technicians each hold a current Private Security Personnel Badge and Certificate of Approval issued by the Ministry of Justice in conjunction with the NZ Police.

Customised Solutions

Our automatic security gate solutions can be customised and integrated with your existing or future automation and security systems to enhance security and convenience.

Our premium quality security gates are manufactured by Heritage Gates can have a very positive impact on the overall image of your business.

Why not call us now to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a DiTEC Automatic Security Gate solution customised to suit your business in Hamilton and Waikato.

Recent Automatic Gate Installations

Frequently asked questions

How much does an electric gate cost in NZ?

Well, it depends. There are a wide range of automatic gates available in New Zealand, and they vary in price. Buyers need to be wary of cheaper  installations as these are often quite flimsy and use low quality automation systems meaning that they begin to cause problems within a fairly short time.

Many of the premium gate automation systems come from Italy and are built to a very high standard. They have been built to operate reliably for many years.

A good quality domestic automatic sliding or swing gate will cost about $12,000 – $15,000.

This price includes the gate itself with its automation system as well as the cost of getting electricity to the gate. Other options including backup power systems, intercom, automatic exit systems, and so on can be added to this.

How much does it cost to have an automatic gate installed?

Installation is roughly one third of the cost mentioned above. (As a rough guideline, the gate itself, the automation system and the installation cost for these each make up a third of the cost of an automated gate installation.)

Here again, there are cheaper ways to install a gate, and there are better ways to do it that will cost more but will ensure reliable operation and ease of maintenance for the lifetime of the gate.

Some contractors simply direct bury cables and connections underground where they are prone to deterioration due to the ground conditions and more likely to be damaged. If a cable fails, a new cable will need to be trenched in resulting in inconvenience to you, higher costs and damage to your property.

A premium installation will run all cables in conduit to “pit boxes” hidden in the ground on either side of the gate. This gives better protection from ground and weather conditions to ensure longevity. If a cable should fail or an additional cable need to be run, a new cable can simply be pulled through the existing conduit and your gate will be up and running again in a short time with minimal disruption and cost.

How do you make a gate open automatically?

For domestic systems, owners typically use a remote control similar to a garage door opener. There are more advanced systems available including vehicle transponders in the owner’s cars, blue tooth or mobile phone solutions.

Visitors can open the gate by using a temporary code on the keypad, or by contacting the home via an intercom system and requesting access.

Gates can also be setup to automatically open for cars exiting the property.

Who installs automatic gates in Hamilton NZ?

One of the leading installers of automatic gates in Hamilton is Arc AutomationSecurity & Electrical Limited. Arc has been locally owned and operated since 1994 providing innovative automationsecurity and electrical solutions for their customer base throughout the Waikato, Coromandel, Auckland and Bay of Plenty areas.

Arc continues to be at the forefront in providing innovative security, audio visual, automation and electrical solutions.

Does a gate increase property value?

Yes, but it is difficult to measure.

A more useful answer is that automatic gates enhance the perception of value due to several factors, including:


Appearance – an automatic gate creates a great first impression. Automatic gates invoke thoughts of high-end, luxury, exclusive.

Convenience – the ability to secure your property without having to get out of your car to open and close your gates dozens of times per week.

Security –an automatic gate deters intruders and unwanted traffic and can be part of a more comprehensive security solution.

Privacy – passers by are less likely to enter or observe your property.

Salability – a property will be more appealing to potential buyers, and easier to sell with a gate added.


It is generally agreed that gates do increase both salability and value.

Can electric gates be forced open?

A gate is secure in most circumstances from most people.

Creative doors in Canada remind us that, “many crimes are opportunistic in nature. This means the more difficult it is to gain entry to your property, the less likely it is would-be burglars are going to target it.”

So, in most cases, simply having an automatic gate is sufficient deterrent to crime. Even though a gate can be forced open, the gate itself suggests you shouldn’t try to.

However, that won’t stop a Humvee from crashing through! Even in this instance though, a sliding gate will require a lot of effort to clear the broken gate from the path.

Realistically, this is not a threat that many people need to worry about.

Are automatic gate openers secure?

In recent years, a great deal of innovation and improvement has taken place within premium manufacturers to make gates more secure:


Anti Hacking: Gate openers are now equipped with anti-hacking features so that the opening and closing signals cannot be picked by hackers.

De-register lost keys: It is very simple to de-register a lost remote and obtain a secure replacement.

Battery backup systems will prevent people exploiting power outages.

Anti-tailgating mechanisms ensure that the gate closes behind you, so that no one follows you into your property.

Integrated: The gate can be integrated with other security features so that unauthorised access or tampering is discovered quickly.

Secondary electronic or magnetic locks can add security from brute force.

Temporary keypad codes are quick to create and then cancel for short term visitors or tradespeople.


Check to ensure that your gate has the features needed to help secure your property. Many cheaper gates systems have the appearance of security without the robust research and development that is required to do this effectively and reliably.

What is the best automatic gate?

Many of the premium gate automation systems come from Italy and are built to a very high standard.

For example, Ditec Automations near Milan, Italy, offer a complete range of automation systems for sliding gates up to 3000 kg in weight. The Ditec gates and systems are designed to last and are resistant to even the harshest of weather. They combine unequalled strength with a modern and elegant design.

Ditec products offer a unique design and the most advanced technology. Easy to control and completely reliable, Ditec entrance-automation systems optimize efficiency and energy savings while minimizing environmental impact.

Slide Gate vs Swing Gate

There are a few considerations when deciding between a slide or a swing gate:

  • Cost:  Swing gates generally cost less than sliding gates
  • Space: If there is limited space along the fenceline you may not have room for a sliding gate. So in this situation a swing gate will be necessary.However, you may have limited space inside the property as well. A swing gate must be able to open fully following the driveway. This factor is frequently the reason people opt for a sliding gate instead.
  • Contour: If you have an uphill driveway, a swing gate would need to open outwards towards the road (and the waiting car) provided the gate stays within your property boundary.

Click here to read a more detailed description of the factors involved.

Are solar powered gates reliable?

Solar powered gates can be a very effective and reliable option, especially for properties where it is difficult to get electricity to the gate dues to terrain or distance.

Solar powered gates are more expensive to install but may prove to be very cost effective in the long run.

A premium solar powered gate will have two solar panels for reliability, as well as a significant battery bank to hold the power in reserve until it is needed.

What is the best sliding gate motor?

One of the reasons that companies like Ditec have been so successful in New Zealand is that, in addition to the Italian style, quality and reliability, they have excellent support in New Zealand.

This relates to having systems and parts in stock, but also extends to the significant knowledge and experience that Ditec staff bring to the relationship.

Do you need planning permission for electric gates?

No. However, there are compliance factors to consider.

For example, the electricity involved means that the automatic gate will need to have an isolating switch and a Certificate of compliance. The CoC can only be supplied by using a registered electrician.

How long do gate openers last?

As with price, the answer is that it depends.

A high-quality automatic gate will last between 10 and 20 years if it is correctly maintained and serviced. Periodic preventative maintenance is a significant factor in your gate’s longevity.


Cleaning and lubricating your gate on a regular basis will go a long way to keeping it in good shape.

Inspecting it for rust or other damage will ensure that you correct issues in a timely manner.

Remove insects and other pests on a regular basis, as even the moisture from slugs can damage a circuit board.

Removing leaves, dirt and other debris from the track and controls can be a big factor.


You can learn more about maintenance here.

How can I get my gate serviced?

Automatic gate and security specialists like Arc have a periodic maintenance service that will ensure your gate will continue to provide value and security for a long time.