Airbnb Hosts

Providing Security and Convenience

Security is crucial when hosting paying guests at your home or property. We therefore install reliable and robust security alarm and access control systems to help ensure you and your guests feel safe, secure and have peace of mind.

For a simple and convenient but secure way to manage your Airbnb, why not consider installing an Inception Web-based Access Control system. It makes it very easy to give guests access during their stay and for you to keep track of guests and bookings. Automatic security gates, motorised security doors and security alarm systems can all be controlled with the easy-to-use Inception app. For additional security systems, please take a look at our range of intercoms and CCTV systems.


5-Star Audio

To really amaze your paying guests and get those 5-star ratings, our extensive range of audio visual systems are sure to impress, from home theatres to multi-room audio distribution. Quality and comfort are of great importance to us and as such we only use high-quality sound systems such as these Hi-Fi brands.


Simply Automated

To help provide the most relaxing and enjoyable experience for your paying guests, consider our range of home automation products. Automation can give you total control of your home and property. Lighting, heating, ventilating and security can all be integrated into a seamless automation system to provide the perfect solution for your Airbnb.

Automation can also enable your home/Airbnb to be more environmentally friendly and cost effective as systems such as lighting and heating can automatically be turned on and off following natural light and temperature levels throughout the day.


Why not contact us now to speak with one of our friendly consultants about designing a custom solution for your Airbnb.