Inception Web-Based Access Control

The Inception Web-based Access Control System is designed and manufactured by Australian-based company Inner Range. Inner Range has over 30 years’ experience with more than 150,000 installations completed globally.

Inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system with a design edge that sets it apart. The web-based software is built directly into the main system controller, making the system easy to access using a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The excellent user interface means that Inception is ideal for those who want to manage their own access control and security alarm system.


Simple and Convenient

Inception’s web-based interface provides convenience for both the installer and the end user. There is no need for the system installer to install software on a computer or leave a computer running on site for remote access. Inception can be configured and commissioned using almost any device that has a web browser

For the end user, the Inception system is simple controller using your existing smartphone, tablet or computer. The Inception Security System is connected to your local network, meaning you can use almost any web-enabled device to access your system, including hard-wired desktop or Wi-Fi connected devices.


Comprehensive Control

The user interface allows you to issue/remove prox tags, manage access permissions, view event logs, arm/disarm the alarm system, unlock access-controlled doors and many other functions. You can also allow other people (such as staff members or tenants) access to a web-based Dashboard which allows that person access to selected functions, such as arming/disarming the alarm or access through a selected door. Time restrictions can be added so that access is only allowed during certain times of the day, or during the course of a single day or week. This makes the system ideal for sites with many different people and groups coming and going, such as churches, schools, and Airbnb’s.

If you are away from home, connection to your Inception system is no different. Inception takes advantage of the Inner Range SkyTunnel system which provides a secured connection back to your system. Providing your smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet, SkyTunnel will connect the system to you, giving you control and peace of mind wherever you are.


Budget Conscious

The Inception system has no additional or on-going software costs, uses truly universal inputs and outputs, and can often be deployed as a stand-alone controller (reducing the need for additional hardware) which makes it a budget friendly solution.

Why not call us now to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a new Inception Web-Based Access Control solution customised to suit your home or business.