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We Make Integrated Security Systems a Breeze

With new buildings or major upgrades, there are a range of security options to choose from. But it doesn’t need to be complicated. We can handle the full range of security systems you need, giving you the ease of having just one company to take care of all installation and maintenance of complex security systems.

We offer a full range of security options for building firms including alarm systems, access control, CCTV, intercoms, and automatic security gates.

While some clients may only want simple alarm systems, others require automatic security gates, access control systems and intercoms. You know your client best to help equip your new project to their needs. However, feel free to ask one of our friendly security consultants what security options they would recommend for your client’s project.


Go the Extra Mile with These Audio Visual Options

Take your building project from one that satisfies to one that wows with audio visual systems. Future home owners will be impressed by your attention to detail when they see the home theatre we helped you install. For the best sound quality, we recommend our extensive range of Hi-Fi speakers.

Home owners will also be more easily swayed when they hear the music played by the multi-room audio system you recommended they have installed. Ask about our structured cabling system for the AV distribution systems that need to be installed in your client’s home or business premises.

If you are building a retirement village or community centre, you are likely required to install a MATV system and/or hearing aid loops. Ask one of our friendly AV consultants about which MATV or hearing aid loop system is right for your premises.


For Extra Sophistication and Eco Efficiency, Consider Automation

Any builder knows the future of businesses and homes is automation. To be seen as an innovator and take your building projects into the future, ask about our automation options.

Home automation allows homeowners the luxury of being totally in control of their homes. If your client has a specific design in mind, whether it is lighting, heating and ventilating or security related, we have an integrated automation solution available for them. Our automation options are only as limited as your client’s imagination.

Business automation is quickly becoming an attractive and cost effective option to business owners. By automating lighting and heating and ventilating systems, business owners can save thousands in energy costs and productivity.