Site Traffic Management

What is site traffic management?

It is a specific traffic management plan (TMP) designed to control all types of traffic on a particular site with the purpose of ensuring the safety of all personnel on site and the security of the business.  We work closely with clients helping them develop an effective site management plan using our knowledge and expertise about the various control equipment available.

An effective TMP includes appropriate control equipment to separate different vehicle types/functions from each other. Using a distribution centre as an example, site traffic comprises deliveries, pick-ups, couriers, staff and visitors that will be constantly moving about the site on foot or in a range of vehicles such as:

  • B-trains
  • Trucks
  • Courier vans
  • Forklifts
  • Cars
  • Motorbikes

A good site traffic management plan will provide the necessary barriers and signage (controls) to ensure the safety of all personnel on site and the security of the business. 


Entry control – Barrier gates, intercom

An automatic barrier gate is a very effective method of controlling public and private vehicle transit and access to various areas within a site, even with high traffic volumes. When combined with an intercom, anyone requesting access to the site can talk directly to the traffic management personnel, who once having verified the legitimacy of the visitors call, can simply press a button to open the motorised barrier gate. Anyone who is not authorised can be easily denied access to your site.


Site safety – Ground loop, sirens & beacons

Ground loops, sirens and beacons can be used together to make your premises safer. Ground loops can be installed in such a way as to trigger sirens and beacons to flash to alert personnel or other traffic in the area when, for example, a truck is about to enter a tunnel where others may be trying to cross between buildings. The truck would cross the ground loop activating the sirens and beacons to warn traffic not to cross the tunnel.


Site Management – Call buttons & sounders

For example, if the truck reaches its destination on site and finds the inwards goods office un-attended, the driver can simply push a conveniently located call button which would trigger a sounder and alert staff of their arrival. For sites with more than one drop off or pick up area, multiple call buttons and sounders can be used, with a different sounder tone for each area. 


Exit Control – Barrier gates

Automatic barrier gates can also be used for exit control. Whether operated by in-ground vehicle detectors, access control system, wireless remotes, staff, or push button, they can greatly improve the security and safety of your premises. They can prevent vehicles attempting to come in the wrong driveway and unauthorised vehicles attempting to leave.