Retirement Villages

Your Residents Can Always Feel Secure with Our Powerful Security Systems

Having a comprehensive range of proven security systems that your residents are able to trust helps them to feel safe. Security systems can include CCTV, automatic security gates, access control, alarm systems and much more.

A CCTV system gives residents and staff peace of mind, and increases the level of safety of both property and people throughout your facility. CCTV also provides management staff with a powerful tool to effectively manage difficult situations that are easily resolved once all parties view the recorded video images of the events in question. Arc has over ten years experience installing CCTV systems throughout the Waikato.

Automated gates with intercoms help to protect residents by keeping unauthorised people out. Access control systems with automatic security doors are excellent for care facilities in retirement villages, especially when caring for residents with dementia.

Ask one of our friendly security consultants about our range of security systems that can be custom made for your retirement facility and which include: CCTV, automatic security gates, intercoms, access control, alarm systems and automatic security doors.


Make your Village Snug and Homely with Audio Visual Solutions

Nothing says ‘home sweet home’ quite like a welcoming audio visual system.  At Arc we offer a full range of audio visual and wiring services to help your retirement village run smoothly.

From the basics of having TV connections wired for each unit or room, through to a MATV system, multi-media theatre rooms, public address systems, multi-room audio systems and much more.

Ask one of our friendly AV consultants about our range of audio visual solutions that will enhance your retirement village.  AV systems we design and install include: MATV, multi-media, Home Theatre, PA systems and multi-room audio.


Community Centres Should be Seen and Heard

From PA systems to projectors, TVs, general and feature lighting and more, it is important to think about AV distribution when designing your village’s auditorium or community centre. Ask one of our friendly AV consultants about how we can make sure your message gets clearly seen and heard by installing the right audio and video equipment.

High quality speakers are a necessity for being heard. Hi-Fi systems deliver sound with realism, detail and accuracy unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. And to ensure those with hearing disabilities are offered an equal opportunity, you should install hearing aid loops.

Since 2004 it has been a legal requirement for public buildings to install hearing aid loop systems.  The Building Act 2004 requires that new or extensively renovated public buildings be accessible for hearing impaired people by having an assistive listening system installed. This includes:

  • Public buildings with space for at least 250 people
  • All theatres, cinemas, public halls and
  • Assembly spaces in retirement villages or rest homes occupied by more than 20 people

Ask one of our friendly AV consultants about which AV or hearing aid loop system is right for your retirement village.