Cambridge Audio

About Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio is about making your music sound amazing.

A simple idea but one we believe we do rather well. Music plays a huge part in our lives and our mission is to show people who love music what a difference hearing their favourite tracks on an expert-designed audio system can make. Every Cambridge Audio product is designed in London by a team obsessed with music and like our own team, Cambridge Audio owners come from all walks of life and all corners of the world.

Music is also at the heart of everything we do and we believe that every musical experience should be a magical one. Although it’s an incredible treat which we urge everyone to experience, most people simply don’t have time to listen to a dedicated hi-fi every time they want to hear great music.

That’s why at Cambridge Audio, we put just as much effort into developing systems for the kitchen, or digital music accessories to enhance audio from your computer as we do with our award-winning hi-fi separates.

To us, creating amazing sound in your home is like a master chef, trying to achieve even greater success every time they recreate a tried and trusted recipe. The same selection of simple ingredients can be turned into a great meal by a competent chef or an exquisite feast by a truly talented one.

For more information on Cambridge Audio and their product range, please see their website: Cambridge Audio


Minx Air

Minx Air 100 is a truly versatile wireless music system that’s just itching to bring all your favourite tracks alive. Whether your music lives on an iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer, or you prefer to use Music Apps like Spotify or Napster, you can stream it all wirelessly and instantly to Minx Air 100.

You won’t believe how a compact, hide-away system can produce such a powerful, room-filling performance.


minx-air-100-with-iphone5-minx-air-app-1359721049 minx-air-100-rear-1359721049 Minx Air 100

RRP $599

200W Version – Minx Air 200

RPR $799