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Innovative Access Control: The Key To Secure Environments

In today’s world, security is paramount. Whether you’re protecting your home or business, you are ensuring that only authorised individuals have access to certain areas is crucial. That’s where access control systems come in. These systems are a fundamental part of modern security infrastructure, offering a robust solution for managing access to buildings, rooms, or specific areas within a premises.

At Arc Security, we understand the importance of access control in maintaining security and peace of mind. That’s why we specialise in delivering high-security access control solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients across Hamilton and the greater Waikato area.


How Does Access Control Work?

Access control systems are like the gatekeepers of your property, deciding who gets in and who doesn’t. They work by using a variety of components, of which each play a crucial role in the system’s functionality:

  • Proximity Keyfobs/Cards and Readers: These are small devices that can be attached to a keychain or card and are used to gain access to a secured area. The reader detects the keyfob/card when brought near and grants access if authorised.
  • PIN Code Keypads: These are keypads installed at access points where users enter a unique PIN code to gain entry. The system verifies the code against a database and grants access if it is valid.
  • Hand-held Remotes: These devices allow users to remotely unlock doors or gates without having to interact with a keypad or reader physically.
  • Electronic Door Locks: These locks are controlled electronically, either through a keypad, keyfob/card, or remote, and can be locked or unlocked using an electronic signal.
  • Automatic Door Closers: These devices automatically close doors after a set period to ensure that they remain secure when not in use.

These components work together seamlessly to create a secure access control system that monitors and controls access points in real time, providing a high level of security for your Hamilton or Waikato property.

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Why is Access Control Important?

Access control is vital for maintaining security and efficiency in any environment. Here’s why:

Enhanced Security

Access control systems act as a barrier against unauthorised entry, protecting your property and its occupants from potential threats like theft, vandalism, or unauthorised access. By restricting access to sensitive areas, these systems ensure that only authorised individuals can enter, enhancing overall security.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Access control systems streamline the entry process for authorised personnel, reducing the risk of bottlenecks or delays. With features like proximity keyfobs/cards and PIN code keypads, authorised individuals can quickly and easily access the areas they need to without manual intervention. This improves operational efficiency and productivity, especially in high-traffic areas or busy environments.

Valuable Insights

Access control systems provide valuable insights into who is accessing specific areas and when. This information can be helpful for security audits or investigations, allowing you to track and monitor access patterns over time. By knowing who accessed a particular area at a specific time, you can better manage security risks and respond to incidents more effectively.


As you can see, access control is essential for enhancing security, improving operational efficiency, and providing valuable insights into access patterns. 

So, by investing in an access control system tailored to your needs, you can ensure the safety and security of your property and its occupants.


What Are The Benefits of Using Access Control Systems?

Access control systems offer a large range of benefits that contribute to a safer and more efficient environment:

Enhanced Security With Access Control

One of the main benefits of an access control system is its ability to provide a much higher level of security. Especially compared to traditional lock and key systems. Access control systems also ensure that only authorised individuals are able to enter specific areas. This is done by utilising advanced technologies such as biometric scanners, proximity cards, and PIN codes. This will help to prevent unauthorised access as well as reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, or other security breaches.

Access Control Offers Greater Flexibility

Access control systems offer greater flexibility compared to traditional lock and key systems. With access control systems, if is simple to add or remove users as needed without the need for physical keys. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in environments where access needs may change frequently, such as in a workplace with a high turnover rate or in a building with multiple tenants.

Cost-Effectiveness of Access Control

Access control systems can also assist with reducing costs associated with lost or stolen keys. With traditional lock and key systems, the lock must be replaced to maintain security if a key is lost or stolen. However, with access control systems, access can be revoked or modified instantly, eliminating the need for costly lock replacements. Additionally, access control systems can reduce the risk of unauthorised duplication of keys, further enhancing security and reducing costs.

What’s more, access control systems offer enhanced security, greater flexibility, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional lock and key systems. By investing in an access control system tailored to your needs. You can ensure a safer and more efficient environment for your Hamilton or Waikato home or business.

Customer Story

One of our customers, a large commercial property owner in Hamilton, recently upgraded their access control system to improve security and streamline access for their tenants. By implementing our access control solution. They were able to enhance the overall security of their property while providing a more convenient and efficient access experience for their tenants. Our team at Arc worked closely with the customer to design and implement a custom access control solution. This then met their specific needs for their Hamilton or Waikato property, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to their daily operations.

Let’s Take a Look At The TECOM Challenger10

The Tecom Challenger10 security alarm and access control system is an industry-standard integrated security solution trusted in New Zealand and Australia. It has been installed in numerous large-scale government, office, commercial, and industrial buildings, making it a reliable choice for challenging environments.

Tecom Access ControlIntrusion Protection

The Tecom Challenger10 was initially introduced in 1989 and has proven to be a robust and stable security platform. It offers a range of security solutions designed to adapt to your business needs, in turn protecting your property from external threats. With the Challenger solution, you can also add devices such as 

  • Motion sensors
  • Reed switches
  • Duress buttons
  • And other peripherals for even more reliable intrusion detection. 


You can scale your access control security system from a standalone intrusion panel right up to a fully networked system that can span thousands of locations.

Superior Flexibility With Access Control

The Challenger10’s modular architecture provides superior flexibility as well as reliability for designing new systems or adding to existing ones. Its access control functionality is distributed across multiple devices for additional reliability. Here are some of the features are incorporated into Challenger access controllers:

  • Door interlocking
  • Nested anti-passback
  • Dual custody
  • Lift control
  • Card and PIN
  • Time and Attendance
  • Disabled user access
  • Multiple card format support
  • Macro logic functionality 


This means that Challenger’s unique integration of intrusion and access control allows for superior functionality. 

What’s more, you can control intrusion areas using only access cards and access control events. Which can be communicated to your management software or central monitoring stations. This powerful macro logic can be triggered when access or intrusion events occur. And advanced access control functionality, like anti-passback, is also maintained without the need to actually connect to your management software. Also, by combining audit trails for access control and intrusion, it can be accessed from either LCD keypads or your management software.

Video Integration

When it comes to video integration, the Tecom Challenger10 system offers seamless integration with various Interlogix video products. Alarm events can also be tagged to video footage. This triggers the management software to automatically show the operator the live video from a camera that covers the alarm input. Recorded footage can be quickly accessed by searching by time or alarm events. Multiview displays can also be configured to show multiple cameras in any predefined grids across numerous monitors.

Third-party Integration: Tecom Challenger10

Third-party integration with the Tecom Challenger10 system offers high-level integration with various third-party systems, such as 

  • HR/student enrolment systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Destination lift control
  • Visitor management
  • Paging/duress integration
  • Wireless detectors 
  • Duress pendants. 


What’s more, customised integration to various systems can be achieved using third-party video and alarm protocols and ASCII event outputs over IP or RS-232.

For a customised TECOM Challenger10 Access Control solution tailored to suit your home or business. Our friendly Security Consultants at Arc will help design your system.


In Conclusion, Innovative Access Control

Access control systems are crucial in today’s modern security infrastructure, providing enhanced security, operational efficiency, and flexibility. So, if you’re looking to improve the security of your home or business, consider investing in an access control system tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Contact us at Arc Security today to learn more about how our access control solutions can benefit you and your Hamilton or Waikato property. Phone: 07 849 0901