TECOM Challenger10


Industry Standard

The Tecom Challenger10 security alarm and access control system is an integrated security solution for your most challenging environments. It has been installed in a great number of large-scale government, office, commercial and industrial buildings throughout NZ and is a trusted industry standard in NZ and Australia.



Originally introduced in 1989, Tecom proved to be an extremely robust and stable security platform. The Tecom range of products offers security solutions designed to adapt to the ever changing landscape of your business needs. Protect your property from external threats with a Challenger solution. Add a number of devices such as motion sensors, reed switches, duress buttons, and other peripherals for reliable intrusion detection. Scale your system from a standalone intrusion panel to a fully networked system spanning thousands of locations.


Access Control

Challenger’s modular architecture provides superior flexibility and reliability when it comes to designing a new system or adding to an existing one. Challenger’s access control functionality is distributed across multiple devices for additional reliability.

Door interlocking, nested anti-passback, dual custody, lift control, card and PIN, time and attendance, disabled user access, multiple card format support and macro logic functionality are just some of the industry-leading features incorporated into Challenger access controllers.

Challenger’s unique integration of intrusion and access control allows for superior functionality. Intrusion areas can be controlled using only access cards while access control events can be communicated to management software or central monitoring stations. Powerful macro logic can be triggered on access or intrusion events. Advanced access control functionality, such as anti-passback, is maintained without the need to connect to management software. Combined audit trails for access control and intrusion can also be accessed from either LCD keypads or management software.


Video Integration

A Tecom solution offers seamless integration to a range of Interlogix video products. Alarm events can be tagged to video footage, and can trigger the management software to automatically show the operator live video from a camera covering the alarm input. Recorded footage can be found quickly by searching by time or by alarm event. Multiview displays can be configured to show multiple cameras in predefined grids across multiple monitors.


Third-party Integration

High-level integration to an impressive array of third-party systems such as:

  • HR/Student enrolment systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Destination lift control
  • Visitor management
  • Paging/duress integration
  • Wireless detectors and duress pendants

Customised integration to various systems can be achieved using our third-party video and alarm protocols and ASCII event outputs over IP or RS-232.

Why not call us now to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a new TECOM Challenger10 Access Control solution customised to suit your home or business.