An automatic gate opening to the outside of the property

The Pros and Cons of Outward Opening Automatic Gates

A homeowner in Hillcrest, Hamilton wants to have an automatic gate installed, but his driveway slopes upwards from the road. So, a normal inwards swinging gate will not work.

But can you have an automatic gate that opens outwards from your property, towards the road?

The answer is simple: yes and no!

Usually gates open inwards, like a welcoming signal beckoning you forward into the property. However, there are four main reasons for installing an automatic gate that opens outwards.


Not Enough Space Inside Your Boundary

If your home or garage is quite close to your boundary, and your driveway is quite wide you may not have room for a single or double swing gate to open without hitting the building.

One solution to this is a bi-folding gate.

Bi-fold gate


An Upwards Sloping Driveway

If your driveway is sloping upwards inside the property, an inward opening automatic gate will hit the ground, and won’t open fully.

If it is a gentle rise, you may be able to hang the gate on higher hinges. This solution works to keep cars out, but it may not keep pets or small children in if they can crawl underneath the higher gate.

The most common solution to this problem is to use a sliding gate instead. The sliding gate opens to the left or right along the boundary fence – if you have room.

Sliding Gate with DiTec


An Oddly Shaped Boundary

If your property has a boundary fence that is angled 45 degrees inwards (for example) from the front fence, an opening swing gate may hit the angled fence before opening.

Again, a sliding gate is usually the best solution.


A Curved Driveway

A property that has a driveway that curves inwards immediately inside the gate will result in a gate that cuts across the path of the driveway.


Outward Opening Automatic Gates Need Special Consideration

In each of the about situations, an outward swinging gate or double-gate will work. However, there are several factors to consider.


City Council

Before installing a gate, make sure you check your local council rules regarding property boundaries, and gates that will open on to public land.

A simple check regarding outward swinging automatic gates within Hamilton City revealed nothing specific. So, a phone call or in-person visit may be worthwhile.


The Actuator and Arm

The actuator is the mechanical device/motor used to remotely open the swing gate. It uses power to move the swing arm, so that it pull the gate open and push it closed.

Gate with DiTec Actuator Arm

By default, actuators and arms are on the inside of the gate to prevent tampering and unauthorised access. However, if the gates opens outwards, the actuator and arm may be exposed and there is a risk that they could scrape the vehicle when it moves through.

So, the answer is to have them on the underside of the gate.


Impeding Foot Traffic

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is, what will happen if the gate opens outward while pedestrians are crossing your driveway. What if the pedestrian is a parent with one child on a learner bike and the other in a pram?

It doesn’t bear thinking about. Yes, the gate will likely retreat if it senses an obstacle, but by then the child has been wiped off her bike and the parent is having a heart attack!


So, the answer to our initial question is, you can have an outward swinging if there is enough room at the boundary for the gate to open outwards without causing damage or harm.

Ultimately, its probably best to have one of our installers come and investigate your situation.


Customised Solutions

Our automatic gate solutions can be customised and integrated with your existing or future automation and security systems to enhance security and convenience.

Why not call us now to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a DiTEC Automatic Gate solution customised to suit your business in Hamilton and Waikato.