Installation is roughly one third of the cost mentioned above. (As a rough guideline, the gate itself, the automation system and the installation cost for these each make up a third of the cost of an automated gate installation.)

Here again, there are cheaper ways to install a gate, and there are better ways to do it that will cost more but will ensure reliable operation and ease of maintenance for the lifetime of the gate.

Some contractors simply direct bury cables and connections underground where they are prone to deterioration due to the ground conditions and more likely to be damaged. If a cable fails, a new cable will need to be trenched in resulting in inconvenience to you, higher costs and damage to your property.

A premium installation will run all cables in conduit to “pit boxes” hidden in the ground on either side of the gate. This gives better protection from ground and weather conditions to ensure longevity. If a cable should fail or an additional cable need to be run, a new cable can simply be pulled through the existing conduit and your gate will be up and running again in a short time with minimal disruption and cost.