9 Benefits Of Security Alarm Monitoring For Your Business

Business owners invest a lot of time, money and other resources into their companies. Your staff, inventory, and assets are essential to the success of your enterprise, and protecting them should be a top priority. 

While you may have implemented some security measures already such as locks, security lights, or an access control system, alarm monitoring is an essential component of any business’s comprehensive security plan.

24/7 Protection

A monitored alarm system provides businesses with 24/7 protection against security breaches. With continuous monitoring by a professional security company, any suspicious activity is detected and immediately reported to the monitoring centre. This ensures a rapid response to any security incidents, minimising the risk of damage or loss. The round-the-clock protection provided by a monitored alarm system ensures that businesses are always secure, even when they are closed for the day or on weekends and holidays.

At Arc, we offer our customers a 24/7 guard service. This service ensures that if you are unable to be reached in the case of an activation, a guard will be available to do a security check of your premises. 

Reduced Insurance Costs

Another benefit of alarm monitoring is that it can reduce insurance costs for businesses. Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for businesses that have a monitored alarm system in place. This is because they recognize the added protection that such a system provides, reducing the risk of losses due to theft, vandalism, or other security breaches. Therefore, investing in alarm monitoring can not only protect businesses but also save them money on insurance premiums.

Real Time Notifications

A monitored alarm system provides real-time notifications to business owners and managers in case of any security breaches. This allows them to take immediate action, reducing the risk of damage or loss. These notifications can be sent via text message, email, or phone call, depending on the business’s preferences. Business owners and managers can also receive alerts when the system is armed or disarmed, providing an extra layer of security and control.

Reduces Loss & Damages

One of the most significant advantages of alarm monitoring is that it can significantly reduce the risk of losses and damages due to theft, vandalism, or other security breaches. This is because any suspicious activity is detected early on, allowing for prompt intervention and minimising the damage caused. With retail crime on the rise, this is especially important for retailers. The rapid response provided by a monitored alarm system can deter criminals from targeting businesses altogether, as they know that their chances of success are greatly reduced.

Peace of Mind to Employees & Customers

A monitored alarm system also provides peace of mind to employees and customers, knowing that their safety and security is a top priority for the business. This can have a positive impact on employee morale and customer satisfaction, ultimately benefiting the business. When employees and customers feel safe and secure, they are more likely to be productive and loyal to the business. Additionally, a monitored alarm system can help attract new customers who prioritise safety and security when choosing where to do business.


One of the major benefits of alarm monitoring for businesses is the ability to customise them to meet specific security needs. Every business has unique requirements, and a one-size-fits-all approach to security may not be suitable. A customised monitored alarm system provides businesses with the flexibility to choose the appropriate sensors, monitoring options, and control systems. By doing so, they can ensure that their security plan aligns with their specific requirements.

Compliance with Regulations

Having a monitored alarm system is crucial for businesses to comply with regulations and legal requirements in New Zealand. There are specific laws and regulations that businesses must adhere to when it comes to security and safety. A monitored alarm system provides businesses with the necessary security measures to comply with these regulations. By having alarm monitoring, businesses can demonstrate that they are taking security and safety seriously, which is crucial for compliance with regulations and building a positive reputation in the market.

Integration with other security systems

A monitored alarm system can be integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras and access control systems. This provides a more comprehensive security plan, with all systems working together seamlessly to provide enhanced protection. By integrating their security systems, businesses can streamline their security operations and have a centralised system for monitoring and responding to security incidents.

Early Detection

One of the main benefits of having a monitored alarm system for businesses is the early detection of security breaches. Monitored alarm systems are designed to detect any suspicious activity, and they send real-time alerts to a monitoring centre or designated personnel when triggered. By having alarm monitoring in place, businesses can identify potential security threats before they escalate into significant security breaches. Early detection of security breaches allows businesses to take appropriate measures to mitigate any potential damage or loss, minimising the impact on their operations, employees, and customers. 


To Summarise

It is clear that the benefits of alarm monitoring for business owners far outweigh the costs and can even end up saving you money in the long run. Finding a professional alarm monitoring company that you trust can ensure that your business is set up in the best way possible to deal with any security breaches as soon as they arise. 

Additionally, when paired with other systems such as automatic gates and access control, even more protection can be provided to keep your business safe. 

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