Nx Witness Video Management System

Nx Witness was conceived and created for one purpose – usability.  With a single unified interface for administration and monitoring, Nx Witness gives users the ability to interact quickly and meaningfully with their IP video system. The Nx Witness “Flex” user interface brings a new approach to configuring, controller and monitoring IP video systems.

Users can create and control an unlimited number of custom tabbed layouts, create and administer users, detect and control IP cameras, search for and share video events, monitor and troubleshoot system components, and more!  In short – Nx Witness has a unified interface for unified management of all your IP video needs.


Built for Users

Installation, setup, and system expansion is simple and takes just minutes with instant automatic camera and server discovery.  Drag and drop usability makes it easy to interact with cameras, servers, and any local media file.  Multiple search options – keyword search, smart motion search, time-slice preview search, and calendar search make finding event video a simple task.

Menus are intuitive and include helpful dialogues for users who are configuring or managing the system. A built-in context-sensitive help system makes learning individual features easy.


Painless to Maintain

With free upgrades for life and one-click system-wide updates Nx Witness makes maintaining your IP Video system pain-free.  The cross-platform nature of Nx Witness – with apps for Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Android, iOS – means users can choose their preferred storage and control hardware.

With native support for any ONVIF profile S device, any RTSP-enabled device, and even a public SDK and API for integrating new devices and interacting with different systems, Nx Witness reduces initial total cost of ownership both in the short and long-term.


In-Camera Analytics

When using the Nx Witness VMS system alongside the Hikvision SMART 2.0 camera features, analytics-driven rules can be created in Nx Witness, such as Object Counting, Object Left Behind/Object Removed, Region Enter/Exit, ANPR (License Plate Recognition)


Enterprise Features Come Standard

Unlike some of their competitors, Nx Witness has consistent powerful features regardless of the size of the system. Enterprise features like Automatic Failover, EDGE camera support and Server Health Monitoring come standard on every installation.

Why not call us now to arrange for one of our friendly Security Consultants to help design a custom Nx Witness Video Management system to suit your home or business.