Automatic Sliding Gates in Hamilton

An automatic sliding gate opens by sliding along the property fence line. A sliding gate is usually a single gate which, when open, may be hidden behind the fence or wall.

This type of gate is often used in commercial and industrial settings, and is popular in residential applications where there is no room for a swing gateThere are many different types of automatic swing gates, and the specific technical information will vary depending on the type of gate you are inquiring about.

However, some common features of automatic swing gates include sensors that detect when someone or something is trying to pass through the gate, and then the gate will automatically open to allow passage. Other features may include timers that automatically close the gate after a certain amount of time, or that open the gate at certain times of the day.

Some automatic swing gates may also have keypads or other devices that allow authorized users to enter a code to open the gate.

Recent automatic sliding gate installations

How does a sliding automatic gate work?

Electric sliding gates are powered by an electric motor, which is generally located in the gatepost. The motor is connected to the gate via a chain, belt, or gear system. When the motor is turned on, it activates the gate, causing it to open or close.

The diagram below shows an example of a DiTEC Neos sliding gate.

You can see below that access through the gate is again, by way of a remote control. However, you can see that an underground magnetic detector can also be used. So that if any vehicle (as these would be comprised mostly of metal) drives up to the gate from inside the property it will open automatically for them.

Many sliding gates have wheels on the bottom, although some do not. There must be sufficient room to the left or the right of the gate for the entire gate to move out of the way, and for the motor to be off the driveway.


A sliding security gate diagram

Diagram of DiTec Neos Slide gate mechanism

An option with most gate motors (operators) is to have it close automatically after a time delay but you see that there is a safety photocell by the gate, to prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle. The photocell can also be used to close the gate as soon as a vehicle has driven through for improved security.

Security Features of Automatic Gate

Automatic gates are designed to provide a high level of security for a property. Accordingly, they can be fitted with a variety of security features:

  • CCTV security cameras Security cameras can be used to monitor activity around the gate or door, and can be used to deter and detect crime.
  • Intruder alarms This feature can alert security or your alarm monitoring centre to attempted or actual forced entry into the property.
  • Automatic locking systemsThis feature ensures that the gate or door is automatically locked after it is closed, preventing unauthorized entry.
  • Security lighting – This can help to deter and detect crime, and can also provide illumination for security cameras.
  • Electronic keypad – This allows authorized personnel to enter a code to open the gate or door.
  • Remote control – This allows authorized personnel to open the gate or door from a distance, using a remote control.


If you would like to know more about the features that suit your application, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.