In recent years, a great deal of innovation and improvement has taken place within premium manufacturers to make gates more secure:


Anti Hacking: Gate openers are now equipped with anti-hacking features so that the opening and closing signals cannot be picked by hackers.

De-register lost keys: It is very simple to de-register a lost remote and obtain a secure replacement.

Battery backup systems will prevent people exploiting power outages.

Anti-tailgating mechanisms ensure that the gate closes behind you, so that no one follows you into your property.

Integrated: The gate can be integrated with other security features so that unauthorised access or tampering is discovered quickly.

Secondary electronic or magnetic locks can add security from brute force.

Temporary keypad codes are quick to create and then cancel for short term visitors or tradespeople.


Check to ensure that your gate has the features needed to help secure your property. Many cheaper gates systems have the appearance of security without the robust research and development that is required to do this effectively and reliably.