Congratulations Skilled Electrical on Your New Website

I read an opinion piece on Stuff News the other day, about small business owners feeling overwhelmed by marketing.

“I don’t think I’ve met a business owner yet who hasn’t felt overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. Including myself.

I quite often find the whole job, on top of my “real” job of working with our clients, and helping our team feels a little bit too much. Like many business owners, for a long time I tried to do our marketing in the extra time of evenings, weekends and lunch breaks, instead of counting it as an essential part of our work.

I’ve still not mastered the art of never feeling overwhelmed, but I’ve found there are several steps I take for myself and my clients that work well.” (You can read it here)

I could totally relate and often feel the same way.

I want to focus on my customers and their needs. Marketing seems like “another thing I have to do!”

I know it’s essential but…

What do I market, to who, and how, where, when?

What works? what doesn’t?

What about online? Google Ads? SEO?

Is my website working? Is it any good? Do I need a new one?

So, I was excited to see Christchurch Electrician Skilled Electrical put up a whole new site recently (click the link to see the new site).

Bold move.

I know how much work goes into a new site, and how many things can go wrong,

I love the new colour scheme. The photos are excellent.

I think it looks great.

So, congratulations! We wish you all the best with your new site.

If you need an electrician in Christchurch, Skilled Electrical would be worth a call.