Alphason Furniture

Alphason – History of the brand

Alphason’s extensive portfolio of home office products builds upon our impressive 25-year experience in the design and manufacturing of AV furniture and electronics.

Famous for our levels of support and customer service, we offer the backup you deserve.

This has enabled Alphason Office to bring some truly unique and exciting products to the market, providing you with the solution to your office furniture needs.


Design and Development

Alphason has long been the market leader in the AV support and screen accessory market. Our ability to respond quickly and effectively ensures we always have market leading and competitive products and offers.

Focusing on intelligent product design and development in line with TV panel innovation, we are constantly aware of new trends as they emerge. With an in-house design and development team, we are continuously designing and developing products to keep you ahead of the competition.

The Alphason name is synonymous with quality and design, adding to the perceived value of our products, making for a more desirable final product for you and the end user.


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