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5 Unique Features of Crestron Home Automation That You Probably Don’t Know About

If you use the Creston home automation system, or are planning to buy one, here are some new features of the Creston Home™ software that’s good to know about. Chances are you could have missed these new features even if you have actively followed the progression of the platform, since the platform has undergone three major updates since it was introduced.


myCrestron Remote Monitoring Service

This platform provides value prior to deployment and after installation. With every Crestron Home deployment, you should prioritize connecting your control system (MC4-R or CP4-R) to the myCrestron platform as soon as you complete installation.

Most importantly, myCrestron provides a secure backup of your Crestron Home configuration. If anything were to happen to the existing control system, you would have a backup that you can load to another control system. myCrestron also makes it easy to order custom engravings, receive notifications if a control system were to go offline for a period of time, and review logs of devices.

The platform can also provide value prior to installation. Our team is working hard to continue adding features to our pre-configuration tool. This tool allows enables you to complete most of your lighting configuration prior to installation. You can choose enclosures, and add modules, keypads, and dimmers, to which you can then assign loads. The tool also gives you the option to order engravings for your switches and keypads before going on site.

This platform will continue to grow alongside Crestron Home and become an even more valuable tool, as it will decrease the time spent on site. To learn more, please watch this webinar, hosted by the myCrestron product manager.


Rearrange video sources in Crestron Home application

I always show this during my Crestron Home presentations because it’s a feature that rarely jumps out at people, at first. In the “Source Routes” tab of the configuration application or XPanel, you first navigate to the “Available Sources” tab.

From there you press and hold on the source you want to sort, and it will be highlighted in green. You can then drag it to your preferred location in the list.


Advanced User Password

This can be set in the system password section during the configuration of your Crestron Home control system. You’ll want to set this for each of your deployments.

This password provides you and the end user with the ability to modify these settings in the Crestron Home application:

  • Hide rooms
  • Hide subsystems within rooms
  • Hide crucial subsystems on the home screen
  • Security
  • House access
  • Cameras
  • Speakers
  • Change and enable sounds for events
  • Doorbell presses
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Driveway sensors
  • Modify Quick Actions and Scheduled Events


Setting changes made here through Advanced User Password will modify the interface on individual devices when hiding rooms and subsystems. For example, if a user makes changes on his/her phone to hide a room, this will not propagate to the TSW touch screen in the kitchen. Giving the end user this freedom is just another great way to provide value to your projects.

Scheduling events based on astronomical clock

Crestron Home enables you to schedule events based on sunset and sunrise. This can be done easily via the “Scheduled Events” tab within the configuration.

You can control Lutron devices via Crestron Home Now

Crestron and Lutron are finally working together. We tightened our integration of Lutron within Crestron Home. We currently support Lutron QSX, Homeworks™ QS, Radio RA®2, and Radio RA2 Select systems. As the Crestron Home platform evolves, this integration will continue to grow more robust.



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