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5 Questions To Answer Before Installing Your New Automatic Gate

The idea of being able to open or lock the gate without having to go outside sounds really modern and convenient. And that’s why automatic gates are becoming more and more popular. 

An automatic gate can add value to your house, play as a status symbol and ultimately, it is an extra layer of security, keeping you and your family members safe. If all those advantages convince you and are looking forward to installing a new one for your house, here are 5 questions you should consider. 

Do you need an automatic gate? 

All the listed benefits make the gate sound worth investing in, but do you really need it? Let’s find out by breaking down the needs for an automatic gate and applying them to your house.

The main point of having an automatic gate is so that you have full control of the access to your house. no matter where you are. That being said, in which situation would you need it? Can you think of any time that you found it hard because you couldn’t open or lock your gate from far away? 

If you have children or pets at home, it might be a good idea to have an automatic gate as it would make sure that they are safe and can’t run outside without your supervision. Your living area is another factor to consider. As you might want to restrict the house’s access if you live in a crowded neighbourhood. 

Every house is different, so everyone has different requirements. So, to make the right decision, you should always think of the purpose of it and refer back to your situation. 

Which Type of Gate is Best for Your House?

There are many types of automatic gates designed for different houses. As automatic gates need a certain amount of space to open and close, factors like the size, decorations, and ascending steps of your yard can limit the choices. Below are three common options:

Folding gates

When opened, this gate will fold in half vertically, so they don’t take as much space as other types. This is a perfect choice if your yard is small. However, folding gates often come with a rail or tracks to guide the edges when they open or close. So they will need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Sometimes, the track can be installed above the gate, which limits the height of objects that can go through it. 

Sliding gates 

Sliding gates normally require more space than folding gates. But some modern automatic gates allow you to open a certain section or slide around the corner to reduce the amount of space it needs. A basic sliding gate operates with a motor on the side to control it. And a track for the gate to slide on, but depending on the design, it can get more complicated if the track is set up around the corner or if each section of the gate needs a separate track. 

Swing gates

Similar to sliding gates, swing gates also have a motor to control the movement. However, this motor will be attached to a rod or mechanical arm that can pull the gate open. 

Which Material Would be Best? 

Unless you already have a gate, your next question would be, which material should you choose to make the gate? Different materials can significantly affect the look of the gate. Thereby creating different styles and vibes for the house. So, let’s have a look into some basic materials and see what would they look like 


Wooden gates are often made by assembling different sections of flat wood nailed or bonded together. So there is not much decoration you can do to it. Wooden gates are relatively simple, but they bring a warm and natural vibe to the house. Which will be suitable if your house has some greenery. 

Steel and iron

Steel and iron are stronger and heavier, but they can be formed into various shapes and designs. Therefore, you might have more options in terms of design with this material. But in general, steel and iron bring a more cool, sophisticated, and luxurious feeling to the house. 


Aluminium is versatile, as it can be made to look similar to wood or steel. Also, aluminium is strong yet lighter than steel and can be coloured or decorated to have different effects, so you can make it wood-like and avoid the hassle of maintaining a wood gate. And aluminium will work well if you want something simple but modern for your house. 

How to Stay Safe When Using Automatic Gates? 

Why are automatic gates dangerous? 

Not many people are aware of the risks of automatic gates. But there have been a considerable number of accidents with automatic gates that caused serious injuries and even deaths. 

Automatic gates are, as their name suggests, automatic. Which means they will not stop or be influenced by the surrounding objects. And with a strong power to pull it close or open, getting hooked or crashing into it is dangerous. Sometimes, the electricity from the motor or controlling boxes is also what causes the problem. 

Automatic gate warningAutomatic gates can cause serious injury if you don’t use them with care

What should you do to avoid risks? 

Although accidents caused by automatic gates sound scary, a lot of them can be avoided by simple actions and habits: 

  • Firstly, right after installing the gate, you need to make sure all family members are aware of the risks as well as how to use the gate safely
  • When using the gate, always make sure you follow the manual from the manufacturer and keep a safe distance when the gate is opening or closing. 
  • You should always supervise your children and pets if they are playing outside near the gate. 
  • You should have the gate maintained at least once a year by professionals. 

Besides, when planning for new automatic gates, you can also look for some additional safety features. Such as an infrared sensor to stop the gate when detecting a blocking object or a pressure limitation monitor that calculates the average amount of pressure needed to open or close the gate. And stop the movement if something is putting too much pressure on it. 


Having an automatic gate is an investment for the safety of your loved ones and for the value of your house. So it’s worth spending time to do research, plan and get a consultation from professionals. Considering these 5 questions is a good starting point for you to have a general idea of an automatic gate. So that you can pick the most suitable option for your house.